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•How to book?

Choose the date and time which suits you the best. 

Check availability by contacting us

Book your spot with 20% of the price.

How to proceed with the payment?

After photos are published in your private photo gallery, part of the payment (80%) must be done in the next 24 hours. 

Every day of delay cost + 20 euros.

You can proceed with full payment before the scheduled day or right after the photo session.


•What do we do in case of bad weather?

Photo session can be done in the studio, indoor of any building (theaters, hotels, restaurants, museums, churches, home, etc.) 

The photo session can be postponed to any other available day. 


•When and how I will get my photos?

Approximately waiting time takes 20 days. Photos can be delivered early, depends on the busy period. 

Photos will be published on our website in a private photo gallery, only you will be available to preview and download

your photos. 



•How long my photo gallery available on your website?

90 days for a wedding, pre-wedding, engagement, and bridal photo sessions and 20 days for all other sessions.


If I didn't have time to download my photos?

Your photo gallery automatically will be deleted from our website after the expiration date, please download photos on time.


•Can I get my photos faster without a waiting period of 20 days? 

Yes, for an additional price. 


•What if I don't want my photos to be posted on any social media?

Photos are never will be posted without your permission except for your private photo gallery which can be review only by you.


•What is Fully retouched photos? 

Fully retouched photos are manually proceeded photos. For example skin retoucher, hair, body and face plastic, subjects cut,

crop, background change, adding extra special effects if required.

All fully retouched photos you can see in the portfolio menu.


Which photos included in a private photo gallery?

In private photo gallery included the amount of fully retouched photos + the amount of the best photos based on your chosen package.

Light correction (color & light correction only) applies to all photos for the private photo gallery.


Can I split my photo session into 2 days?

Yes, and in this case you must proceed with payment 100% in full before the session is scheduled. If you decided to cancel the photo session on the second day, the downpayment non-refundable.  

•Can I get more fully retouched photos? 


Additional processing of 1 photo is 21 euros.


•Can I get more photos to my private photo gallery?


Additional light correction of 1 photo is 2 euros.

If I am running late for my photo session?

Photographer or full team do our best to be at the spot at the right time. Probably after your session, we must move somewhere else to make another shooting. please be on the spot at the right time. 

In case if you book a session for 3 hours and late for 2 hours, you must complete the payment of the chosen package in full.

Cancelation policy:

The photo session can be postponed to any other available day. 

In case of client cancellation, the downpayment is non-refundable.

In case of not showing up of client the downpayment non-refundable.

In case you didn't download photos on time and the photo gallery automatically deleted, payment non-refundable.

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